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End Of Lease Cleaning Sydney

Discover Who is responsible for end of Lease cleaning

It is the good task to do end of Lease cleaning in Sydney. It is also a good task to find who is responsible for the cleaning. When you move from one place to another place, you should have hired end of lease cleaners who are responsible for cleaning at any cost. If your real estate agent is not happy with the cleaning then you should directly contact to your cleaners that can you please come back and re-clean for us. However, make sure you must have a list of things that you need to clean before you call them or send them before you call them. If they have any comment so they can tell you regarding the property and make sure you sort out with your agent and cleaner.

How clean is perfect?                                                                                                                                                           
Every agent has a list of things that what need to be cleaned and what not. In most cases, every agent has same requirements for cleaning. In terms of cleaners, before you start cleaning, make sure you take some pictures so it can help you to get some evidence after finishing your job. It is good to send to the customer so they can have better idea that what has been cleaned and what not.

What is a penalty if you not fulfil agent’s requirements?
If you haven’t fulfilled your agents’ requirements then you might lose your bond and some points in future. If you are renting your new apartment and they might cross verify with the previous agent then you will be in trouble.

What needs to clean the property?
Well, end of lease clean means everything from top to bottom. You need to have double clean so make sure agent is happy and release the bond for you.

Can I do DIY Cleaning?
It depends on you, but most cases people hire end of lease cleaners. why? They are more professional and they have all equipment to clean it spotless. It is very hard to find or hire steam cleaners so better to hire them and feel relax once you give them the job then they will be responsible for the cleaning.

– You’ve kept the home fastidiously clean all through the tenure

– You have involvement with cleaning

– The property is empty

Book with us or email and feel relax

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